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Sunday 25 March 2012

Your Quest! - Inspirational Insight No. 40

Hey Quester’s – How are you? I’m planting my insights on a blog from now on. There is also another one called:
“The Illumination Life,”  this contains spiritual and philosophical info – something to think about.
If you are new to Quester’s Corner – this is a regular email blog (since 2009) to keep people motivated on their personal Quests.

So what is your personal Quest? Do you have a definite direction? Life is full and exciting when you are working towards something special. An engulfing passion that gets you up in the morning gives purpose, inspiration, and direction. This is more than just a hobby, THIS IS YOUR QUEST – the one thing you were born to do! Find that drive within – find your gift! It doesn’t have to be a natural gift, if you need to do more learning on an educational, practical or spiritual level, get started. None of us are born knowing how to automatically do something. Desire is what gets the spark going.

You’ll know if you’ve found your personal Quest because it will feel like a spiritual and emotional journey. Don’t settle for second best as our precious time on this earth is not as long as it seems. Use your time wisely Quester’s; but don’t rush things or you’ll miss something important. Step back occasionally and look at your glorious work so far.

Delve into the secrets within you and conjure up the extraordinary. Meditate or just have some quiet time in nature, make sure you have a pen and paper with you.

You are the master of all your future endeavours.

 Sharon Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage

See you in two week – on Friday
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