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Friday 3 February 2017

Making Bold and Positive Moves in 2017 - Inspirational Insight No.70

Hey Quester’s, hope those in cold climates are keeping warm and those in warmer seasons are enjoying the sun. I’ve been busy taking photos of my Jewellery designs since the 1980’s, I might have another combined exhibition and fashion parade this year. My ‘Ancient Realms,’ Jewellery label that is mostly porcelain with ancient themes is twenty three years old, but I was designing with other my other labels ten years before that. Thirty three years is certainly something to celebrate. You know you’ve come full circle when your designs start showing up at the opportunity shop and still in good condition! Thanks to all those lovely girls and guys who appreciated and purchased my designs over the years. Might see if I can create an extra page for them somewhere (well the ones I have left). Working on some Viking, and Romantic Italian inspired designs in the new Autumn/Winter range.

This is a year where you throw off your old skin and do something bold! It’s a year of self-expression! Throw caution to the wind and do something different. You are still on your personal Quest, but you are adding a bit of pizazz! Removing fear of judgement is a great place to start; so many people are shackled by this. It’s your life and you make the decisions, you’ve come here to do something your passionate about and believe in – so get on with it! If you are having trouble figuring out what that is, try more exploring in nature, books, online, educational classes, meditation and contemplation. Don’t let money restrict your desires, look harder find a way through. Let your calm confidence and underused brain show you the way. Make sure there is time in your week to achieve your goals. Stand up and show the world you can do whatever you want. Get a few supportive people to talk to when you are having a bad day, then get up and start fresh tomorrow.

Remove the self-imposed limits – that time is over!

Sharon Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage

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