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Wednesday 2 January 2019

Cyclical Patterns that Govern Life - Inspirational Insight No.76

Hey Quester’s, as another year comes to an end, be happy about what you have achieved. There is only so much that you can do, so be thankful for the planning and progress. You may have to think back over the year to appreciate your creative and practical work. It has been a very hectic year for my family, after Christmas at our house we all need rest, relaxation and nature therapy. I started reading a novel yesterday and fell asleep twice in the first two pages. I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling a touch of exhaustion this year. I’ve devoted more time to family and business this year and not getting to my writing as much as I’d like, but it is easy to fix that over the holidays.

I’ve been thinking about the many cycles that govern our lives. People are subject to patterns and cycles just like any other living thing. The seasons dictate the basis for much of this, we are in a different mind-set in different seasons; our bodies know what is going on even if our minds are slower to comprehend. Those living a more natural existence away from the cities will be better attuned to these patterns. The stages of our lives are also great cycles of growth, understanding and wisdom. You could put childhood, the teen years, young adults, parenthood, the active middle and the slower years as six cycles. These cycles affect us differently; what applies to one stage of life may not apply to another. Don’t be surprised if something you used to love doing falls away in those hectic or difficult phases of life. If the desire is still there, it will be rekindled later. The ancient Celts and Europeans had a triple goddess to represent the female lifespan – maiden, mother and crone. A male version of this could be – youth, father and wizard.

Work with these stages, do not battle the natural callings to semi-hibernate in winter, to activate in spring, glory in the warmth of summer and soak in the calm magic of autumn. Breathe into these patterns and get them to invigorate your life and quest. Allow the full moon energy, early morning sunrise and still waters to be part of your intuitive journey. Partner yourself with nature, realise how precious this connection is. There are so many cycles that we experience, mixed with the blueprints of future endeavours.

Sharon Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage

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