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Saturday 21 June 2014

Stages of Your Quest - Inspirational Insight No. 54

Hey Quester’s, hope you are happy, healthy and inspired! Winter is becoming colder in Australia, but some of you are enjoying a fresh spring, hot summer or the colours of autumn. I have finally finished my university degree (double major in Ancient History/History - 300 CE onwards), this study is an integral part of my Quest! So though I have reached completion, I’m reinventing something creative I used to do, I have more time for writing and quality time with my children and husband.
We are all at different stages in our personal Quests! But where are you now? Can you see yourself clearly in a particular stage of your Quest? Are you just getting something off the ground, are you at the middle point, is the finish line in sight? For many, completion actually marks the beginning, especially if you have been planning firm foundations for a business/career. Earning an income from your Quest is certainly a high point, though many will happily keep their Quest as a passionate hobby. This is certainly a question each Quester must decide upon.

It is important to decide where you are in your Quest and congratulate yourself! Only you know the power, passion and creativity you’ve put in! You love what you do so there’s limited frustration – you’ve learnt how to knock on doors, ask the right questions and break down barriers because you are a visionary. You’ve learnt so much and wisdom naturally flows with you, so reward yourself, no matter what stage you are at!

Sharon Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage

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