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Wednesday 11 July 2012

Where Does Inspiration Come From? - Inspiational Insight No. 43

Hey Quester’s – I know you are all inspired individuals working hard on your personal Quest, but where does inspiration actually come from?

Inspirational ideas hit with speed and certainty, like a statement or evolving thought that it loaded with potential. But where does it reside? I personally believe there are at least three things at work here.

1.     Your mind and personality are always working hard to answer the questions you put forth – sort of like a giant calculator on a time delay. Eventually the answer springs out ready for action.

2.     The soul or higher self is an internal engine driving our ideal purpose and the joys we want to experience and after being ignored for far too long, it pushes to the core of the mind and heart in a spectacular release! The work it done, but it waits for the applause, the grand recognition.

3.     Growth and timing play an important part because you need to be mature enough to understand the vision and actively do something with it! If the inspiration comes to you when you are not ready, immature, or hold too many fears, you will quickly knock it on the head until it pops back up again a few years later. You know you’ve heard it before!

4. Don't forget all the beautiful things that assist our inspiration and purpose - everything we see, feel, smell, taste, hear and the emotions that go with it.

So inspiration comes from within; possible from your personal treasury, warehouse or cave (heart, mind and soul hopefully working together for once). It may feel that it is in the air just floating around ready to be picked up, but it is all you and the magnificence you bring to this world!

Do yourself a favour, give your inspiration a voice.

Sharon D. Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage

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