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Friday 15 August 2014

Working from Home - Inspirational Insight No. 56

Hey Quester’s, hope you are fit and healthy? We are just coming out of a nasty flu or virus. We (my family) have been on the couch for the best part of two weeks. It’s hard for creative types to sit around, but all anyone can do is rest and recuperate. After a very cold Australian winter the first daffodils and almond blossoms are out – only three weeks till spring.
Let’s talk about working from home! I’m sure more than a few of you are doing this whether you work for yourself or work for someone else. For many this is an ultimate goal, but there can be many pitfalls if you are not organised. Working from home is wonderful, but of course there is washing to be hung, dishes to be packed away, and all sorts of miscellaneous items in places they don’t belong. If you can’t ignore these things then your productivity will be down. It may only seem like a small amount of time, but housework is a continuing thing and it will be there again tomorrow!
It is important to plan your day; the exact amount of hours you plan on working. You need to have a start time, breaks and finish. It may be a wonderful day outside and you want to be part of it, but you still have to work! You may be able to take your work outside, but if you can’t, open the windows and let the air through. Maybe a friend has called you for coffee, and you would like to go, but you need to put a time limit on it and tell them what time you need to be back. Other distractions include those things you feel guilty about – I should have done that a year ago! You need to put this on the calendar or sacrifice a Saturday to your work. If you are in an official place of work you get the job done according to the clock, so put some strict discipline on those working from home distractions.
If you work at home is this different from your Quest? If it is you may feel constantly drawn to it. But unless you want to lose your employment you have to give that the priority. Definitely write down any insightful ideas, but work on them later.
If you have children at school working from home can be quite manageable. Make sure you can give your children the full attention they deserve after school. Younger children will need a lot more attention, so maybe part-time work from home is a better option. If you have grandparents or relatives that can help out for a day, this will certainly improve productivity. If either parent is staying home for a few years to look after the children, this is a great time to work on your existing Quest or begin plans to turn your passion into a career. We all know it’s a privilege to have children, so make sure there is balance between work and play.
Do yourself a favour; don’t get stuck with a mortgage, rent or other loan that is making daily life a misery. Downsize or budget, that way you can spend fewer hours at work and more time with family – life is for living! In fact, it should be mandatory for singles or young couples to consider what they want from life, so they live in a property that suits their holistic beliefs. Remove proud thoughts of envy and other comparisons. Do what’s best for you and your family. Focus on the things that make life wonderful!
Sharon Bush
Writer   Historian   Sage

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