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Saturday 28 December 2013

Preparing for a New Year - Inspirational Insight No. 51

Hey Quester’s, what’s new?  Hope all is well! I’ve been busy with study, Christmas and my two creative children who will be both in school in 2013. I know it sounds cliché, but it is quite astounding what children can teach us, especially when they come up with ideas or beliefs that are beyond their years and you can’t ever remember even discussing anything like that before. It is delightful watching them grow into their unique personalities. Hold onto your childlike creativity for as long as you can – reclaim it if it was dragged out of you.

I met a man from China who talked about his childhood dream of being an artist, but with so much pressure considering the ‘one child policy,’ he had to give it up! I was surprised to hear that he did not even have it as a hobby; I suggested that he could have both, I told him to buy paint! He caught a flight the next day. You can only plant a seed. Hopefully eight hours in a plane gave him time to consider the idea? Hope he takes it up again for the sake of his child and himself.
Now let’s talk about you and preparations for another new year. This is not so much about New Year’s resolutions; it’s more about desire, planning and management. Let’s start with some questions:

·        What are you doing in 2014?

·        Any highlights, events or holidays?

·        Any study or research to be done?

·        Will your spiritual Quest continue – has it altered its course?

·        Is it a year of dedicating your time to helping or heartening others (comforting those in crisis or caring for elderly relatives)?

·        Will this be a year of completion or new beginnings?

·        Are you willing to take some risks for your beliefs or creative visions?

·        Will your creativity be on show in 2014?

Prepare for the New Year by looking over your desires. What is it that you want? The beginning of another year gives you time to ponder, plan and activate. Don’t put things off – if you don’t have a good reason for doing so! Stand your ground and make your choice. Being too cautious can hinder your journey, taking large risks without planning will also cause set-backs; take the middle ground and find satisfaction. Once you know what you want make preparations to get there! Making plans gives you a guiding focus to reach new heights.

Sharon Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage

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