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Friday 6 March 2015

Satisfaction in Steady Progress - Inspirational Insight No. 60

Hey Quester’s, hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday season and getting prepared for a change in seasons. The start of any year flies by as we adjust to new changes or challenges at school, work or social settings. I have never stayed home so much as I prepared to launch an online business in two weeks. It’s been evolving for two years while I was finishing my university degree – which has its part in my new endeavour along with a creative hobby I started when I was sixteen. More on that soon! Wow, just realized this is my 60th Blog, (initially emailed). Thanks for visiting!
Achieving what you want as your Quest advances involves steady progress. That continued steam of dedication can definitely get you where you want to be. The desire to keep up that dedication sits deep in the heart and is assisted by the intellects drive to reach satisfaction. Why you're attracted to a certain interest could be somewhere in your genetic inheritance, or created by social or family influences when you were young, or depending on your beliefs you may have been born to pursue this purpose. Either way you have a strong desire to continue creating this new and inspiring world.
The personal Quest is not too tricky – it is just a matter of loving what you do and dealing with the unexpected. You will have goods days and the occasional bad ones to help you appreciate just what you have. Though generally you can deal with the situation and get on with life. A bit of personal strength will take you far. Congratulation!
Sharon Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage

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