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Sunday 6 October 2013

Spring Cleaning, Spiritual Cleansing - Inspirational Insight No. 50

Hey Quester’s, how are you?  It’s a two week study break for me and a few days down the coast, but before I go – I have to make a serious spring cleaning effort. I’m a bit behind, though I am making some serious progress with the kids rooms, garden and have finally put away the last of the boxes from a year ago (Christmas is at my house this year and it’s coming around fast). But the best thing we (me and my husband) did for ourselves last week was get a profession will done – for me that is peace of mind (pricy but worth it).
If you haven’t done it already - It’s spring cleaning time! The trees are green, the sun is shining and the dust and clutter has to go. Don’t even say that you don’t have the time – this is important on a spiritual level and it will make a fuzzy mind clear again. You know which areas need attention: under the bed, in the wardrobe, boxes with miscellaneous items in them, the bathroom, Kitchen, filing, garage and garden (get the family to help you, maybe some incentive will help).
You know the rule Quester’s, if you haven’t worn it for 5 years give it to charity. Make some room in your life so you can enjoy the simple pleasures and let your creative energy flow. This will give you more space for special projects and more time for family and friend’s. Remember that you are a role model for those around you; show them the confident fun loving you who knows how to enjoy life!

Ok, pick a day or two, get a load of environmentally safe cleaning products and get started.

After cleaning don’t forget to smudge the room (buy a smudge stick or use incense) and waft it to the North, South, East and West (hold a saucer under it so no ash goes on the floor), asking for clarity, peace, protection, love and inspiration, or whatever you like. Thank whatever spiritual, earthly or universal source you feel comfortable with. Do this with your whole family in mind and repeat it in every room in the house and don’t forget the garage. This is a very old custom, your ancestors probably did something similar to get the season of growth off to a good start; it removes negative energies and give positive portents for the productive warmer months.

Make a start.
Sharon Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage

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