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Friday 18 July 2014

Heightened Creative Vision - Inspirational Insight No. 55

Hey Quester’s, hope you are finding the secrets that make you a productive and inspirational being? I’m busy getting on with my work, but it also feels like pieces of a puzzle are starting to come together in a startling way. This can emerge after a break from routine or any other form of change that gives you time to relax and contemplate. Though not really a common occurrence, (maybe every five to ten years) insight comes through that lifts the individual to an inspired level of clarity, motivation and direction. After a week or so it can bring a feeling like you are back to square one (though you have gathered vast amounts of experience and intelligence), but it’s more like you are working from a pristine environment where there are less obstacles to tackle. Don't linger on thoughts that the rest of the world already knows what you have recently discovered, I'm sure you are in very good company and comparison is not always that useful. Be proud of your new understanding.
This uplifting experience brings with it a sort of heightened creative vision. All of a sudden you are seeing, feeling and hearing more of the important things in life. What you do with this creative surge is up to you, but it will naturally help you in your areas of interest, if not life itself. We all need more of that relaxing clarity that makes life easier. This kind of creativity helps you work through problems that seemed irrevocable, but suddenly the walls are down and you can see new ways around old problems.
Make good use of this creative awareness, as it is part of your personal evolution. Don’t let too many distractions hinder you in this heightened state, just get on with your work and progress will naturally follow.
Sharon Bush
Writer   Historian   Sage

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