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Tuesday 15 April 2014

Invigorate Your Quest - Inspirational Insight No. 53

Hey Quester’s, how are you all? Hope life’s being kind to you. No doubt some of you are enjoying some time away for the Easter break and whether you are religious or not and depending on what religion you might follow – public holidays provide needed rest.
Be kind to yourself, slow the mind right down and appreciate simple pleasures. Your energy levels will undulate during your Quest; sometimes there are energetic highs were you are at your create best, then there are those smooth steady progress days and times when you would rather be doing something else. This is a very natural process – everyone needs a rest.
The best way to invigorate your Quest is to relax and recuperate, that is when the creative soul renews its purpose and important spiritual information makes it through to your conscious state. This inspiration and confirmation brings new life to your Quest letting you feel the purity and delight of your true purpose. The Quest is you – you are the Quest.

Sharon Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage

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