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Friday 5 August 2016

Your Personal Best - Inspirational Insight No. 67


Hey Quester’s, we are up early to watch the Olympic opening ceremony, the kids are very excited. Rio puts on a world famous carnival parade, so it should be able to put on a great opening ceremony. Though these games are full of controversy the Olympic Games are a uniting force where nations meet in happy circumstances. Athletes compete to achieve their personal best for their countries and as individuals. What is your personal best in 2016?

We often don’t give ourselves enough credit for what we achieve, especially in Australia where the, ‘tall poppy syndrome,’ is part of our culture. We are not boasters anyone that does in quickly demoted! In countries that have a Christian foundation it probably has more to do with the first of the seven deadly sins (the Bible) – pride. Pride has a double meaning, but it can be very positive. Each country has its own unique cultural norms.  In Australia we boost our children up and as adults we are slightly less encouraging because we expect people to toughen up and figure things out for themselves. Luckily we have softened a bit over the years.

Your personal best (at any time) needs some time in the sun – have pride in yourself and your achievements – this is your reward! If you have put the work in and created something wonderful, celebrate! It’s all right to tell people what you have done! Don’t sit back with some marvelous accomplishment, tell someone about it! Anyone that cuts you down is no friend at all – jealousy is a real sin! Accept that most people have made some serious efforts to achieve what they have. We all have undulating highs and lows, support is the answer.

Cheer for yourself, family and friends. Cheer for all nations and all efforts at the Rio Olympic Games. Thousands of people organised this event over six years, they need a medal too!

Sharon Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage

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