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Sunday 18 March 2018

Why Calm, Pleasant Surroundings are so Important for our Spiritual Well-Being - Inspirational Insight No.75

Hey Quester’s, today the rain is falling in my home town after forty four days of dry hot conditions. It does draw you out to stand in it, just for a minute.  I’m looking out the windows as the wind blows and the trees and plants replenish themselves. Australia is a vast country with various climates from the red centre to the green of the coast. There are fires in parts of Victoria, and a cyclone just passed through the top of Australia and New South Wales is building up to 40 degrees, even though it is autumn. Our surroundings are very important to us – stay safe if you are experiencing harsh natural events this weekend.

We are visual beings and we need the green energy of nature, even if we don’t fully understand how this affects us. This is why we feel so refreshed when we spend time outdoors. It is also vital to have calming colours and decor that is inspiring in our home environment, especially if you live in the city. Bring a plant inside or have a garden or trees outdoors, then open the doors and windows so nature’s energy can remove the stale air within. Depressing colours and unhealthy odours are not good in any home; the senses need an uplifting view. You could try some rearranging of furniture for a new perspective; something new to admire can be refreshing. Give your place a good clean and put a few vases of cut flowers or greenery in your house for some new aromas. Everyone is busy, but a few small changes can do wonders for the daily routine and energy levels.

Sharon Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage

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