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Friday 21 August 2015

The Season of Activity - Inspirational Insight No. 62


Hey Quester’s, hope you’re planning is complete and you are ready to give your Quest an extra boost! In ten days it is spring in Australia and that means the senses are alive with fresh sights and smells! The last five weeks have been a bit rough with one beautiful soul leaving this earth and another very badly injured, (in two separate occurrences). But families and friends rally together in such times and do what they can in their own way to get through. Love and healing to all!   

The season on renewal is here and this means growth, inspiration and activity. The scent of flowers lingers in the air, new buds are forming on the trees, and even your cells are undergoing change. We come from this earth and are made up of the many naturally occurring minerals and chemicals from our planet – this is why we feel that strong connection with natural environment and its many creatures. Spring brings vast empowerment to us and our personal quests, so get out there a do what you do best!
You may find it helpful to take your work outside if possible. Get a small trestle table to sit your laptop on, or take your crafting work outside, if that is not possible open curtains and windows and bring a plant indoors. Maybe a vase of fresh flowers will help. This is also the time when we do more relaxing and socializing outside, so get prepared with some weeding, trimming and mowing! If you have a vegetable garden start with your preparations, if you have room create one. Home grown fruit and Vegetables taste amazing. There is a lot of inspiration to be gained while tending the garden, for many this quite time is almost meditative. Go for a bush walk, listen to the sounds of nature and discover something new! The Quest develops while you are busy doing other things. 

Sharon Bush 
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage  

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