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Saturday 27 December 2014

Finding a Worthy Goal in the New Year - Inspirational Insight No. 59

Hey Quester’s, hope you, your family and friends are enjoying the holidays. Getting some quality time with family is important considering our modern lifestyles. Finding a worthy goal in a new year is also important.
Without some sort of goal or plan there is a tendency to float aimlessly from one thing to another. It is part of our nature to plan – hibernating animals plan ahead for winter and the same instinct tells birds that they must prepare to fly great distances. If you are continuing with an existing plan celebrate your dedication and see if it needs any refining before the New Year.
If you are starting something new or something is calling to you don’t be afraid. You have just as much right as everyone else to express your creative visions and embark on your personal Quest. For this to happen your must reframe your world with beautiful scenery, positive people, boundless creativity and self-love. You are special! Find something that makes you happy; don’t spend your life as a slave to normality or what is expected of you. Remove the restrictions and be who you are!
Cement your goal by writing it down and putting it on your wall – a friendly reminder will help you achieve your dreams sooner!
Sharon Bush

Writer   Historian   Artisan  Sage

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