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Saturday 21 April 2012

Motivators that Speed up your Quest! - Inspirational Insight No. 42


Hey Quester’s – What’s new in your life? If you have a Quest to continue or a hobby that you love – you certainly shouldn’t be bored. If fact I bet there are more than a few of you who barely know the meaning of the word. Let’s talk about the motivators that speed up your quest.
Some of motivators to getting things done and actively pursuing your Quest are Desire, Death, Jealousy, Family, Wealth and High Motivation Inspiration (by yourself or a mentor/peer).

Desire: If you really want something and it has surpassed everything else on your wish list, you will have a lot of motivation to get things done. Your desire has to be strong, because no one chooses an easy Quest. It wouldn’t be much of a Quest if you could start and finish it in within two months.

Death: We don’t like to think of it too often, but if someone suddenly dies or some natural disaster hits close to home we realise our mortality. We have this life to fulfil our needs – the next life depends on what you believe. At funerals we hear people say, ‘he always wanted to travel around his own country and he had plenty of money, but for some reason he just didn’t go.’ Death prompts us to look at our own journey. Is there something we should be doing?

Jealousy: None of us would care to admit it, but jealousy is a motivational force. If you hear someone is doing something amazing and it is something that interests you, you might think, ‘hey I’ve always wanted to do that, that’s my dream, why haven’t I done it yet? Jealousy can be a motivator that leads to thinking and creativity. Once you are on your way let the jealousy go – it has served its purpose.

Family: Your family might be a motivator to achieving your goals. Your Quest might be a legacy for your family or children. You may want to show them how much you care or show them that you have hidden talents and so do they.

Wealth: You may want your personal Quest to bring you wealth that can support your growing family. You may want money for no other reason that you love money and all that it can bring. Wealth will not be a motivator for everyone, but we all need food on the table and somewhere to lay our head and that costs a lot of money. If you can make a profit doing what you love that is indeed worth pursuing. Just don’t let greed become your master.

High Motivational Inspiration: Keeping motivation high by yourself is not always easy. Motivation comes in waves; we would be exhausted if the adrenalin was pumping all the time. A mentor or peer support person can be highly motivating. It’s great to have someone say, ‘how is your book going,’ or ‘how are your plans going? You could put up an affirmation (buy one or create your own) that motivates you each morning. An active mental meditation with purpose and direction can also be highly motivational.

Hope you can find some motivation in any of the above?

Sharon Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage
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