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Monday 22 February 2016

Strength through Serenity - Inspirational Insight No. 65


Hey Quester’s, wishing you strength and serenity on this fine day! It is going to be a very hot 38 degrees today in Victoria, but now it’s a calm and balmy morning. I sit in my fernery with laptop ready as I take in the sounds and visual greenery and the odd flower glowing with colour. I’m almost in that meditative stage, when the temperature brings that involuntary relaxation that makes you drift off. I’d say we all need more of that. All you can feel is a blissful strength!

Calmness is not always equated with strength, but when you think about people who have made a real difference in the world – that is the quality they seem to have in common. We all get angry about things we think are wrong, but eventually we calm down and find wise ways to get out message across. Personal or spiritual strength makes a person strong, so they can achieve more at their own pace. When unexpected challenges hits, find that calm centeredness. Work through the problem and ask for help if it feels like a large workload. Working together in unity is for the strong, because decision making requires good listening skills and diplomacy. Bring your life experience to the problem and the path will clear even sooner.

Make serenity a part of your day; I believe everyone needs this if they have a busy life and growing family! Turn TV and devices off, have some quite time, read a book or sit with your children and really listen to them. Slow down your world! You can still be as creative as you like and when you think about it, most artisans, artists, writers, poets, philosophers and photographers do their best work in peaceful settings. Play quiet peaceful music, if you can’t get outside due to bad weather. Roll with the changes! Do the things that bring you strength through serenity.

Sharon Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage

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