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Thursday 28 February 2013

Softening the Fear Barrier - Inspirational Insight No. 46

Hey Quester’s – Hope you are living your life in a relaxed and confident way as you work through the challenges you have set yourself or the ones that have landed in front of you! Remember that innate natural power that you have in reserve – that never-ending pool of pristine strength, love and purity that resides within! Autumn’s gentle season has arrived so work through things methodically at an easy pace and get things done! Planning, routine and a daily checklist will help you accomplish your goals sooner.

Fear is a natural part of our lives. Without a percentage of fear in our heart and mind we would create unnecessary risks, put ourselves is danger and do a lot of silly things. That said, too much fear can stifle our existence by limiting the space we move in and the people we meet. That leaves fear somewhere in the middle ground – not quite friend, but far from enemy. So take fear as a sentinel, an inbuilt warning system and protector, but don’t let it rule you. The decision making power is all yours.

There are different types of fear; there is the healthy fear and intuition that work together to steer you away from accidents, unbalanced individuals and unwise decisions, and there are the obsessive fears that live within crippling phobias.
I’m sure most of you are fully aware and have stories about times when your heightened senses warned you to keep clear of something or someone in an uncertain situation. Meditation can definitely help to improve these signals. If however your life is bogged down in restrictions and your personal Quest is continually hampered by a mind bending sense of fear or phobia – stop and take a long look at the cause. The problem with this is that some people can pinpoint the moment the phobia was created, while others feel that the fear has always been with them, but can find no good reason why. So either the fear was created very early in life or there is something to be said for past or future lives. The important thing is to try to work through it so you can become slightly more comfortable with it or removed yourself from the source of the fear (if possible). Ask for help from a specialist if the situation has become unbearable.

Accept fear as part of your journey and face these challenges as they arise without giving away your pure and sacred power. Let love override some part of this fear. You deserve a special place in this world without the harsh limitations. Make your life and Quest triumphant and be calm and strong when the sentinel calls for a response.

Sharon D. Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage

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