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Saturday 9 July 2016

Travel for a Broader Understanding - Inspirational Insight No.66

Hey Quester’s, I’m back from an adventure in Europe with the family and five weeks later I'm still getting back into the rhythm of things. Routine’s not a bad thing, but think I’m still playing catch-up. I’ve nearly caught up with the paperwork, emails, letters, unpacking, cleaning and digging out a winter wardrobe. Autumn was still warm when we left; it was five degrees when we stepped out of the airport.

Though I’ve been to a few places I remember one women dealing with culture shock on a tour years ago that had her in a bit of a tangle. This is to be expected in any culture that differs greatly from your own, or your first overseas trip. It may not even be the culture itself that upsets some people, but a lack of what they are used to back home. Change can be challenging in some circumstances, though being open and giving it a chance is recommended for an enjoyable holiday. Pacing yourself is also desirable, exhaustive travel gives you little time for contemplation and to soak up the atmosphere. A little pre-holiday research will certainly make you feel at ease.

Travel broadens your view of life and a vast amount of knowledge and experience are equally enjoyable. Seeing how people live in a different nation brings clarity, empathy, joy and growth. Then all you need to do is use all that information and experience to enhance your life and Quest. If possible write your adventure down to enhance those memories and any inspirations that come to mind. Few of us have an amazing memory.

We have done more travelling in the last forty years than at any other time. Generally modern transport is making is easier and faster to see distant countries, so pick a destination, save your money, do the paperwork and get out there!

Sharon Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage

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