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Tuesday 4 March 2014

Scattered Energies - Inspirational Insight No. 52

Hey Quester’s, how is the year treating you? In the gap between one unit of study and the next, getting the kids off to school and adjusting to this year’s routine I’m personally feeling like my energies are scattered. Too many things to do and catch-up on, and I’m having trouble making a decent effort on any of them. But I’ve had a rest and now I need to get on with it!
In an effort to find a way forward and be productive, consider what is most important on your list and allocate a greater amount of time and possible an exact timeslot on certain days. Then think about the next two things on your list and give them a lesser portion of time – maybe a few hours on the weekend will suit. Doing too many things leads to a lack of focus and when you consider household chores and important family time there is enough to do. Everything else on your list will have to wait in the queue (unless you decide that it deserves a higher priority).
We are all far too busy and we expect a lot from ourselves, but no one can sustain this pace for too long.  Remember to ask for help, especially with the household cleaning and organising. Get those scattered energies inline and focus on them one at a time. Then you can get back to achieving the things that are important to you!
Sharon Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage

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