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Friday 8 January 2016

The Age of Awakening: Reinvent Yourself in 2016 - Inspirational Insight No. 64

Hey Quester’s, hope you are having a great holiday season? The last few years have been about exposure, when hidden or bad things have risen to the surface for all to see. I believe the time from now on is about heightened awakening. You could call this Millennium ‘The Age of Awakening.’ We have become highly spiritual and compassionate and what’s right or wrong has a clear divide! As a people we have discovered the hidden things that make us unhealthy, we are outraged when justice is not served, we can see through the advertising propaganda that distorts our view of daily life, we will not put up with corrupt governments and we are restoring the environment which we degraded. We are strong and passionate and we can see clearly.

In 2016 stay true to the wonderful person you are, but add a few changes to make life even better. Reinvent yourself this year, energise your spirit and do something extraordinary. Only you know what that is, and if you don’t contemplate what that means to you, or meditate on a vibrant new you! This is about adding a little flare, passion or adventure to your life. Don’t sit quietly, make some noise. Focus on the things that are most important. We are often scattered in our thinking because we have created such busy lives, but if we focus on one thing at a time and give it our full attention we create joy from our progress. This is not an easy task with our mind constantly stretching into the past and future. I often think of us as having two components to the mind; one doing the major task at hand and the radar assistant that picks up information and breaks in when needed (I know that sounds a bit left/right brain, but there could be more to it than that). The radar assistant is like that news update tape running across the bottom of your television – it’s always running something but the important things break through and disrupt your focus. In that case write it down before you forget (consider it later) and go back to your task. Even think about brain health this year – What keeps your mind sharp and clear? All is lost without your amazing mind!

Don’t dumb down – dress down – or give yourself away!

Have fun, be silly, try something new, have an adventure, be creative, share love and laugh a lot.

Be your authentic self in 2016!

Sharon Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage

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