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Saturday 31 October 2015

Reclaiming Festivals that Celebrate Growth and Renewal - Inspirational Insight No. 63

Hey Quester’s, tonight is Beltane for those in the Southern Hemisphere, though many will celebrate Halloween, or possibly a bit of both. Most of the European festivals are based on seasons and while the harvest is in full swing in the Northern Hemisphere which suits Halloween, it’s spring in Australia, New Zealand and other nearby countries. Beltane is a spring fire festival that celebrates the fertility of the land, people and animals. The following day is spent in nature and includes dancing around the maypole and other spiritual practices.

It seems like these festivals are being reclaimed, many of course were absorbed by Christianity during the conversions – so they aren’t quite as lost as they seem (just slightly different names). With an upsurge in environmental care and sustainability it is easy to see that the land is no longer just something to walk on, but an active living world that needs our care. It is up to us to reclaim our lost heritage. So think about the meanings of Easter, Ostara,  Christmas and Yule, and make their meanings count a little more. Give your family less retail therapy and more spiritual guidance.

We live on this beautiful planet and it is our job to preserve it because we are the ones that have inflicted the damage. Our eyes are open now and the restoration begins, so reclaim those festivals that celebrate life on Earth and the lush green land. Let your children be fascinated by nature’s magnificence. Take them out of their city homes to spend time in peaceful natural environments.

For the millions that emigrated from Europe over the past 300 years – the connection to heritage is linked strongly between your ancestral country and the land you now call home. So light a sacred fire tonight and gather your feast – then wake up in the morning at spend the day celebrating new life and our pristine planet! It doesn’t matter what religion or spiritual beliefs you hold, we can all celebrate the glories of spring!   

Sharon Bush 
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage  

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