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Friday 7 November 2014

Appreciating Your Accomplishments - Inspirational Insight No. 58

Hey Quester’s, how are you? Hope you are happy, creative and making good opportunities for yourself! I’ve just come back from graduation which was combined with a holiday in New South Wales. Bachelor of Arts: double major in History/Ancient History – University of New England (though I live in Victoria). I’ve realised since I came back that this is a lot to take in and still doesn’t seem cemented in my mind yet. So take a moment to read and appreciate your accomplishments.
For many daily life is a rush; going from one place to another, day after day without really taking stock of personal achievements. It often takes the friendly words of another to remind us of the efforts and accomplishments we have made. I think this is a bit of a problem in our over-achieving western nations. This mindset takes you from the euphoria of completion to the next project sooner than is reasonable. Make time to really appreciate your accomplishments. Soak the feeling in – this is your reward for a job well done!

Such achievements are spiritual milestones - years of dedicated work and learning. Time is needed to appreciate these achievements, though you can certainly do a purposeful meditation to take ownership of your achievements. Just sit quietly on your couch/lounge with some quiet music and look at the wonderful things you have done and be proud. Congratulations to all!
Sharon Bush
Writer   Historian   Sage   Artisan

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