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Monday 6 August 2012

Rest and Recuperate - Inspirational Insight No. 44

Hey Quester’s – there comes a time in every year when you feel tired, unmotivated and drain of energy – this is your body saying, ‘I NEED A REST.’

Let’s face it; we really do expect a lot of ourselves, trying to squeeze more out of everyday! If the red flag has gone up several times and you didn’t bother to listen, colds or flu step in to slow you down. It is not that different to a computer virus – if it isn’t re-charged and protected it doesn’t work properly. So don’t fight it, resign yourself to some extra rest and sleep. Stop forcing yourself to stay awake, take a day off and surrender to some blissful peace.

It’s only one month till spring if you live in Australia, so rest and recuperate and shake off some winter layers, we are reborn when the flowers bloom. Spend time in your garden as the leaves and blossoms unfold, it’s good for the soul. The majestic power of nature really is a great awakener of all energies. Really celebrate the natural world, like the seasonal nature ceremonies of so many ancient and agrarian cultures.

After the body and mind are rested you will once again be brimming with energy and inspiration, but until then spend some quiet time on the couch and be thankful to have the sun’s rays warming up your world.

Sharon D Bush 

Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage

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