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Sunday 23 April 2017

Why Things Change When Words Hit Paper - Inspirational Insight No. 72

Hey Quester’s, hope you are well on this calm Monday morning. Monday is not a favourite day of the week for many, but maybe that is the challenge! Why not turn Monday into something more fulfilling. Be serene, majestic and productive, so Monday is no just a day to tolerate.

Give your personal quest a boost over the next few weeks by letting words develop into something substantial with purpose and direction. Release your energetic thoughts by writing them down, that way they can form into something with an ongoing future, something real. We are a people with so much going on in our minds that it’s a wonder we can achieve anything in daily life. Doing one thing, thinking another and a list of tasks to complete is no easy way to live. Distraction is probably one our humanities biggest impediments.

Help clear the mind; sit in front of your laptop, tablet or piece of paper and get out the good, bad, philosophical and inspirational (you might even find some answers). This empowers your thoughts, so they can stand on their own as something beautiful and worthy. This is something just for you, though it can emerge into so much more. Then you can decide how far it travels in your life and whether you want to share it. Can it be used for work, design, empathy, adventure, compassion or well-being? Make your thoughts, words and deeds count; good communication and planing are empowering!

Sharon Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage

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