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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Getting Ready for a New Year - Inspiration Insight No.69

Hey Quester’s, hope you have been enjoying some time off and a good sleep-in! Victoria and South Australia seem to be having rain and storms for a few days, though we managed to go to Torquay beach yesterday even though we had light rain the whole time we were there. It was still fun and gave the kids a chance to get some energy out! There is a kind of calmness in the atmosphere which is great for slowing down and giving the mind and body a well-needed rest; that said there are still some preparations needed for 2017.

The time between Christmas and New Year is pivotal for a smooth transition to any new year. In fact you see more people dropping off their pre-loved goods at the charity shop than any other time after a good clean-up. It is a great time to create extra room in wardrobes, kitchen cupboards, laundries, lounge rooms and garages with miscellaneous boxes. Your technology may also need a clear out of old or unnecessary files. Think we will definitely make a trip to our combined tip and recycling centre. There is nothing like creating some space to help clear the mind, otherwise there is a backlog of things you can’t be bothered doing and that clutters your thinking and builds pressure. Just pick a something and make a start!

Sharon Bush
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