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Monday, 19 December 2016

Empower Your Quest - Inspirational Insight No.68

Hey Quester’s, if I haven’t explained that word for a while, it simply means people on their personal quests. Well it has been quite a year on a global scale; many have had their dreams, goals, pursuits put on hold indefinitely and entered territory that they would never have imagined. All you can do when you are thrust into alarming territory is survive, hold onto your family and try not to lose faith in humanity. Those in far better situations can help and since we are in an extended phase of exposing dark corners of the world, help is still needed. Learn what you can from reputable sources then face this challenge bravely with compassion and empathy. It’s not easy to look at things that are abhorrent, but continued dis-regard helps no one.

Your personal quest is a source of empowerment and you continue to the best of your abilities because you are driven by passion. Your focus is strong because you can see the beauty of each moment, and lots of interesting moments make a good life. Your Quest rests firmly on your beliefs so re-empower them before your next important phase of growth. You have something to do – so keep moving towards that goal. Meditate deeply, ask questions and see if an answer appears over the next few days. Your soul always has something to say! If you remove the old stagnant layers new insights will flow. If you feel a bit stuck or lethargic this year, find a way to regain your energy. Even some fresh air and exercise can help clear a foggy mind. You are needed!

Sharon Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage

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