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Friday, 28 June 2013

Do Your Core Beliefs Support You and Your Quest? - Inspirational Insight No. 49

Hey Quester’s, how are you?  Working slowly and diligently towards your goals I hope, with the odd distraction of course. What would life be like without those challenging little moments that help us to grow? You don’t have to like them, but they teach us how to strategize and they help us gain patience’s.
This is a good week to think about what your dreams are planted on or in. What sort of foundation is your quest sitting on, is it firmly planted in the earth, or is the soil eroding away from under you? Think carefully about this question: do your core beliefs support you and your Quest? What thoughts come to mind when thinking about the beliefs that support your all-important quest? If you find this exercise hard, ask yourself this question in a meditative state and see what words or sentences flow around you and don’t forget to write them down. Ten years ago I began teaching what I call active meditation, this is a purposely mind active meditation where you are relaxed but gently focusing on a question you need to consider or want answers for (more on this later, but just sit on your couch, use good posture, play some quiet and relaxing music and give it a try).
People assume that their foundation or core beliefs are supportive for their quest, but sometimes they are not, it’s always good to do a little investigation. It may be that the Quest you are on it still in its chameleon stage, still forming and readjusting until there is a clear plan and direction. If all you have ever wanted to do is sing on the stage, but you a petrified the second you get on stage and cannot sing (even though you are a great singer at home), then something just isn’t right. Maybe you would feel supported if you did not have a crowd in front of you, maybe you could be a session studio singer, then you could sing songs for commercials, movies or back-up work for artists with new albums. So here is the question again! Do your core beliefs support you and your Quest?  Maybe your dream just needs a bit of tweaking so it can grow as strong as an oak, one that is so firmly planted that the odd storm feels like a gentle breeze.

Build firm foundations.

Sharon Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage

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