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Monday, 10 June 2013

Noticing our Reactions to Barriers - Inspirational Insight No. 47

Hey Quester’s – hope you are all well! I’ve been burning the candle at both ends and managed to catch pneumonia (I was shocked myself – obviously not listening to my own advice). Between the study, looking after my wonderful children, daily tasks, a dash of writing, and not enough exercise and not quite enough home cooked meals my health deteriorated. I’m back on track now, even bought a kick boxing and yoga DVD to straighten out my study back! Hope those of you who live in Australia are looking after yourselves now that winter in here. Don’t forget those lovely homemade soups and stews that are easy to make and be sure to go out walking and get some of that crisp winter air in the lungs.
Have you ever noticed how you react to barriers in your life? You are making progress in your endeavours and then there is an unexpected barrier in your way – inhibiting your movement. Noticing how you react at these times is crucial to your ongoing development. There is first an immediate reaction and then a problem solving phase. Your immediate reaction might be anger, disillusionment, but soon after your mind might think of ways around the problem, or you might have thoughts of giving up?  It is interesting to keep a mental note of these reactions in case there are too many negatives floating around in there!

Noticing your reactions to sudden barriers will help you understand yourself a little better and allow you to heal or remove any negative programing that doesn’t really belong to you (possibly picked up from someone while growing up). Elevating your underlying strength and confidence will help you rise to any future challenges. On the extreme there are also people who are so bogged down with rules that they barely realise that they are holding themselves captive. Liberating the mind is essential here, but it can be done by dissolving the edges and weakening fixed ideas that inhibit future prospects. Try saying yes instead of no occasionally; maybe even spend one week being easy going! Make your decisions slowly, instead of instantly stating your answer.
Personal strength is the best foundation for your life to rest upon and keeping an eye on that underlying mind chatter is vital. Those of you who have long been delving into their psyche will have cleared most of the debris, and know how to counter those sneaky little negative self-judgements. Remember that you are strength personified, your soul is pure and your mind is delightfully intelligent. Don’t give up – find a way through! You are free to explore the deep beauty of a life and eliminate disruptive barriers.

Sharon D. Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage 

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