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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

What is a Quest? - Inspirational Insight No. 48

Hey Quester’s, what’s new? Hope your Quest is harvesting some simple rewards? The leaves have fallen, so remember to put something away for winter (funds for a holiday, a spiritually creative plan to work on, try some in-depth meditation and contemplation, maybe start your memoirs or join a creative class). Some forward planning never goes astray.
Today I have five Questions and answers for you to think about:

     1.     What is a Quest? 
A Quest is a personal journey to obtain and experience something special. It’s a fantastic journey of self-discovery with challenges along the way. It’s a driving inspirational force lead by you.  A Quest may span a lifetime, but it might take a few completely different directions along the way, or just stay on the one theme.  You are your Quest and your Quest is you! When one Quest is completed you will probably discover another one.
2.     Who can help?
      Anyone can help you with your Quest. Lots of people help inadvertently with a word or deed that can really make a difference. You can enlist others to help if you ask: these may be people you don’t know that you are paying for some sort of trade service or someone you don’t know who have helped you though a website, book or some person you meet via an unexpected synchronicity that has vital information for you. Then there are the constant people in your life, like family and friends, who you can occasionally ask for help in a practical way, (remember to return the favour if they are ever in need): you may just need to test your ideas verbally or need some physical help to put something together. You are a driving force and with a little digging and determination you can help yourself.
3.     Is it a spiritual journey?
Yes, the Quest is a spiritual journey, it’s everything that’s important to you, it’s the voice of your soul; a sort of deep inner yearning – that there is something you need to do. It’s spiritual because it’s every part of you evolving into something profound and sacred. It’s you in communication with yourself and through some sort of meditative practice, the best of you is revealed in a creative dance of passionate insights merging into existence. You can call upon any spiritual or religious deities or mentors for help in understanding any part of your quest.
4.     Are you on your own?
Yes, this is a Quest for one. You have something to do that is different from the next person, but some people are on similar paths and you can help each other, if needed. Everyone has their own Quest (no matter how big or small) – some will act upon this and some will not.  So while you know this is your Quest, you know most people out there are creating and dealing with the challenges of their own path. So you are not really alone, there are tasks you will do alone, but in a happy passionate way because you love what you are doing.
5.      How important is your Quest?
Your Quest is vital to your existence because this is what you came here to do. Though our excitement for the Quest ebbs and flows, it never goes anywhere – it is your constant companion. Your Quest is you and you are your Quest. You are a visionary with wild and often unrealistic ideas, but you have the power to bring them into reality because your thoughts are the essence of an innate magic. You can conjure though the purity of inspiration and that purity gives you access to all that you need. You can enter the unseen world to gather sacred information for your Quest and this gives you wisdom. Your Quest is important because you are a vital energetic form connected to all others.  You have a job to do and your Quest waits.

 Sharon D. Bush
Writer   Historian   Artisan   Sage

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